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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I don't even know if the MX1230 works at all, and to be honest, I don't care. I have clearly said from the very beginning that anything else than an ACA12xx is not guaranteed to work. If you want the ACA500 because you want to operate it with the MX1230, then don't buy it. Well, now that you've ordered already, you might as well check if the system comes up with the MX1230 connected :-)

The ACA500 is already doing a lot for compatibility, but it can't do wonders. If a WHDload game doesn't work on an A1200, it will most likely also NOT work on an ACA500.

The WHDLoad issues seem to MX1230 related, having to use NOVBRMOVE and NOAUTOVEC to get games running so when the AC1232 arrives I can test it in my A1200 and if it works better than the MX1230 then I can order another ACA1232, simples!
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