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Thumbs up Wooow, thanks!!!

Hi, Toni!

Erm, im sorry
I dont mean that. I just like to point out the fact, that WinUAE is not reall Amiga and playing an action game, like TurricanII on it giving very strange results - the scrolling is not synchronized (and cant be, when im into window mode and my refresh is 100Hz) and therefore is ghosted and suxx.
Not to mention, that i have no idea, how to plug a digital Amiga joy to my SoundBlaster Life 5.1 input

So, for play i stick with the Amiga
(at least untill you teach me, like you did with the screengrabing!)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! End + PrtScr did it well, i saw my lovely BMP files, so, i can create a icons from these again!

Thanks, Toni!!!
BTW, did you get my email about problems and crashes with starting AmigaOS 3.9bb2, offering you to DL my system from Xdrive?
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