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Syko - use p96 if intution things are slow for you I using it on OS 3.9 bb2 and works damn fine, if fact, in many things it gets close to the speed of my A4k CSPPC 060 with PicassoIV, what it very very snappy
(in fact, i still waiting to my PC do the same speed and still nothing )

Tbird - primary soundbuffer suxx - its now already mentioned on WinUAE site, thanks to autors

Toni Wilen - can i have a question? I already trying to mail you, but the email you offering into the WinUAE docs did not work, tought
So, why the fastram is limited to 8MB and one are forced then to use Z3 ram?
I mean - for more recent demos/games/apps are necesary to have a very fast and big amount of memory. Dividing the memory into two separate segments (at least that exes sees it) its not wise. Futhermore, except one crazy DKB solution, there is no Z3 fastram - everyone using fastram on CPU cards - because its fast.

SO - should not be wise to allow up to 128MB of FastRam, instead of trying to force us to use Z3 fast memory space?

The point it, that since it gets very very rarely used, then using it SHOULD and possibly WILL cause problems - especialy into some hacky Amiga programs "expecting" fastram memory at certain allocations

No dubt about stupidity of their coders, but the question stands. According to the docs about memory allocation space, there can be UP to 128MB of fastram, what i actually have into both my Amigas, A1200 with Blizzard 1260/62 and A4k CSPPC.

(im not going into the fact, that actually Phase5 with Blizzard SCSI kit allow one to use 128MB simm, with together with another 64MB simm give over 128MB of fast, because A1200 lacks of Z3 (well, mostly) and therefore WinUAE should support it too Im just asking for 128MB of fastram, instead of weird Z3 ram, never ever get used into real Amigas )
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