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Angry Cant grab WinUAE screen with F11? Use End + PrtScr!

Using latest 0.82 r4 version of WinUAE on pretty normal (crappy ) PC configuration like 1,1Ghz CeleronII (P3 like) CPU with 256MB ram, 80G disk, GF2Ti, DVD and such, using latest beta Detonators v42.60 (im nVidia developer) and Win2k SP3 + all essential hotfixes.

But now, suddently when i need it (Murphy law seems works - when i need it, it suxx! (eg. did not work)) F11 as screengrab did not produce ANY file into WinUAE root directory, as it should and do before (maybe with r3)..., i tried r3 again - no luck. Redefining my settings from scratch - again - no luck.
If anyone know, whats going on - i will be very happy for any help there

In fact, i have no clue whats going on. Using AOS 3.9bb2 orginal, and as i says, things worked like charm before, just see how nicely:

Please, help!!!

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