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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
Do you remrmber these games with virtual reality in london ???
That was amiga inside!!!
But what i'm thinking about is : nobody tried to did a copy of these games and try it in winuae ????
It should perhaps be possible ??? But where to find it ???
I remember seeing a post about this somewhere else recently where someone was asking something similar.
Iirc there was a post from someone who had previously had a virtuality machine who reckoned that because of all the custom hardware for the joysticks and headset the software was unlikely to work in uae

I came across a virtuality machine dumped in an old abandoned tourist attraction that was due to be demolished around 5 years ago as the (obvious trophy) headset was gone I didnt give it much more thought. In retrospect I should have pilfered its innards!
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