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Originally Posted by duga View Post
And you actually have 3 MB including the 1 MB chip ram.

How many games actually needs more than 3 MB (with or without preload)?
If you use the maprom feature on the ACA500 you will also lose 512k, leaving 1.5mb spare.

The 1mb chipram that most A500 users have would need to be used for the actual game itself to run in and is of no real use for preloading, so this leaves a max of 2mb fast ram for the ACA500 to preload whdload games in, 1.5mb if maprom is used.

As for whdload games needing more then 2mb fast, with preload pretty much any game that's on 2 floppies or more will need more ram then that.

Without preload i don't know, but i presume it wouldn't be a smooth experience with it needing to load chunks in throughout the game instead of preloading everything.

As for this new ACA500 feature in whdload 17.2 to help out on ACA500 amigas, i have no idea how this works it magic on an amiga when there is not enough physical ram to fully preload a large game in, maybe someone else would care to explain.

I would be interested to see how a whdload game like Mortal Kombat 2 plays on the ACA500, as it's a 4 disc game and needs a reasonable amount of fast ram to preload in when running the whdload version.

On my A600 i used to have 2mb chip ram and 2mb pcmcia fast ram, and when playing MK2 on that i had lots of black screen loading pauses!
Same goes for any of the larger whdload games like multi disk adventure games etc.

Now that i have plenty of ram in both my A600 and A1200, all whdload games run like a dream.

In saying that the ACA500 does let you use your existing ram expansions if you have any.

But this elbox A500 accelerator simply looks like the full package and gives you everything you need in one product.

I have an intel 4930k cpu plus 32gb ram and sli 780's as my main pc, it's a monster, yet when playing amiga games, i still prefer the real thing, emulation just aint the same.
And some of us still like to play the old amiga 3d games on a real amiga

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