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Originally Posted by lukassid View Post
If you only use Amiga to play some old games perhaps you don't need 030 in there at all. You'll be ok with ACA500 or HxC..
The problem with the ACA500 is that it only has 2mb of fast ram(even less if you use the maprom feature), and large whdload games will not fit into that, you will most likely get black screen loading pauses.

16mb is a nice amount of ram and you will be able to smoothly run any whdload game in that.

I also have a hxc and while it's good, it's still fiddly to use compared to whdload games, especially on multi disc games that need swapping all the time.
If you do use a hxc exclusively for classic games though, an accelerator isn't really needed at all.

Also an 030 will make workbench, whdload game launchers etc much faster and more enjoyable to use.
And 3d polygon games will be more fun to play on an 030 compared to an 020, games like Frontier, F1GP...

This new A500 accelerator from elbox seems to cover all the needs for A500 users and you shouldn't be limited anywhere, it would make a fine A500 whdload machine.
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