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I have seen quite a few kids that are into retro/classic dos games and even old atari 2600 consoles that look very ancient to them. Since they were not even born when these items were released why do they like them?

I admit alot of new games are not that interesting but quite a few are. My interests go though quite a few evolutions of hardware/platfors/games.

If your talking about classic cars its basically anything made before a certain point in time from the present. Every year other cars are added to the classic list this way.

I think alot of people view retro games as either being on obsolete or abandoned hardware. Classics titles are just games over 5 years that were very good for their time. This is most likely because pc's and consoles have not been around as long as cars.

Items that have been around much longer (furniture plates coins) must be much older to be antique (their term for classic) while items from a few decades ago are just retro.
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