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Originally Posted by crasbe View Post
He also says, that they won't offer replacement chips, because they would be WAY more expensive than the original ones. Clone-A will be fittet into a big, single FPGA. Some BGA monster I suppose.
I've come up with a business model for you Jens

Start off with a single FPGA board design with standard AGA functionality.

Then build in your standard enhancements (eg. Indivision AGA, Graffiti, IdeFixExpress) and add some cool 'extras' like 16bit Paula (with AHI support) and 8MB CHIPRAM.

Package this single MB design into something that will fit into an A500/A600 case using the standard ports. Support a standard A1200 processor board (eg no CPU on the motherboard).

Redesign the motherboard slightly to fit into an A1200 case.

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