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There is, but is not for 68k amigas. Current 68k version is based to framebuffer version, wich is meant to be use with debugging and non gui systems.

Nobody experienced enough hasn't been interested to OS3.x version

People, please stop wasting your time on this! You are writing optimisations for a frontend that is intended for debugging and systems without proper GUIs!

With the amount of effort expended on this over the years, you could have easily written a new OS3 specific frontend, with more features, the system's limitations in mind and without the overhead of SDL.

If you want to continue this futile pursuit then go ahead - it makes no difference to me. But, for the good of the "classic" Amiga community and on behalf the the NetSurf developers, I implore you to stop and consider what you are doing.

As I see it there are three options:
1. Back-port my frontend so it works on OS3. See here.
2. Write a new frontend from scratch.
3. Continue with the SDL frontend and ignore me.

There are a couple of excellent blog posts by Vince (one of the devs) which detail a bit more about the build process and how the directory structure is set up:

You've proved that the thing builds and works on OS3, now ditch the Framebuffer/SDL frontend, as the only way to improve it is to get rid of it. Even a basic window with some buttons in it will be an improvement, trust me!

I know some of you are already aware of my thoughts, but there are people in this thread who may not be, and others who think the browser is SDL only (it's not - look at the website and the screenshots). I ask all of you to consider whether you are spending your time on the correct task!
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