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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Regarding the sound crackling with Sine Intro V1.0, if you change WinUAE audio settings does the crackling disappear or lessen? Maybe change sampling rate from 44100 to 48000 (or vice versa), set stereo separation to 100%, use a different interpolation method.
I was testing all speed versions with the same winuae config file, but yes if change sound buffer from 5 to 6 the sound crackling disappear. But its not such important to me as it happens only on mention demo.

EDIT: Final conclusion:

The "sse2_speed_fastFP" is on my pc config:

the fastest version on:
Sine Intro V1.0 (Intro) by Excel ... (dont produce crackling sound)
Jim Power title screen ... (least cpu power usage in task manager)

but slowest on:
Cylindric Scroll (Demo) by Concept ... (most cpu power usage) must be something internally in WinUAE that make it to use so much CPU power ... maybe some loop or something that it execute more repeatedly than other versions, dont know, just guess! ... what then would mean its still the fastest version!

EDIT: Maybe the "" if will using the "fast" floating-point model (similar to "sse2_speed_fastFP") will be the best one!

EDIT2: I have also noticed that running demos on "" somehow produce a little sharper scrolling text on my laptop LCD screen ...
f.e. on "PartyDemo/Ghostriders" demo the logo is for some reason less blurred on "" than on any previous winuae test version !!!

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