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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
[*]Use __fastcall for functions. With that, the first two arguments are passed in registers instead of on the stack which could improve performance.
I tried this some years ago but there was all kinds of annoying issues. Perhaps it is easier today... I'll try.

[*]Use profile-guided optimisation (PGO). Having some way to script WinUAE so it automatically boots different demos/HDFs using different CPU cores would really help there.
Good luck finding ^10 test cases that call all normally used functions without requiring hours to finish

[*]Add zlib, 7z and other libraries to the WinUAE project so the various libraries can be built with whole-program optimisation too. (I just used Toni's archive here.)
Pointless optimization, these functions are not called hundreds of times/second.

I'm not sure how that difference could affect emulation, so why not test it out?
It makes FPU emulation inaccurate.

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