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Originally Posted by zardoz View Post
(winuae can't determine its physical structure)
WinUAE never can do this. It's not possible. If you don't use RDB mode, then you have to remember all the physical parameters (Surfaces, Sectors, Reserved and Block size) yourself and enter them again in exactly the same way whenever you add the HDF to a new configuration.

Originally Posted by zardoz View Post
No I haven't partitioned the disk, just formatted it. HDToolbox doesn't display any hard disks at all though?
Firstly you should enable RDB mode in WinUAE. Then the HDF should no longer appear as a drive but only in HDToolbox.

Secondly you have to either connect the HDF to IDE0 controller or change HDToolbox' tool types to look for uaehf.device instead of scsi.device. (only one of them, not both: either UAE controller -> uaehf.device or IDE0 controller -> scsi.device). Only then HDToolbox will find the drive.

For IDE0 to work you also have to choose a chipset with IDE controller and a ROM which matches the chipset (i.e. A1200 chipset with A1200 ROM or A4000 chipset with A4000 ROM).
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