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My config is: WinXP SP3 (regularly updated), Pentium M 1600 o/c @2133MHz (16x133), DDR2-533 @266 2x512 Dual Channel (128-bit), GeForce 6800

All except avx versions start/run fine on my config!

I have tested only speed versions according belove demo problem thread: (Sine Intro V1.0 (Intro) by Excel)

and found only "speed_fastFP" version to not produce sound crackling on my config:

winuae2700_vs2013_sse2_speed_fastFP.exe ... no sound crackling !!!

... and all other versions produce sound crackling, some more some less noticeable.

And I have also tested on this "speed_fastFP" version game Jim Power in Mutant Planet and demo Silents/Maximum Velocity and didnt notice any problem so far.

So this "speed_fastFP" version could be maybe then the best one.
Also maybe it will need some more testings, but as dont have much time for more detail investigation, that will be all for now.
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