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I swear Ive written this somewhere before, but here goes...

Amstrad CPC 464 (Boxed)
Amstrad CPC 464+ (Boxed)
Amstrad CPC 664
Schneider CPC 664
Amstrad CPC 6128 (Boxed)
Amstrad CPC 6128+

Amiga 500 (1.3) (Boxed)
Amiga 500 (2.0)
Amiga 500+ (Boxed)
Amiga 600 (Boxed)
Amiga 1200 (Boxed)
Amiga 1200

Atari STf (Boxed)
Atari Stf
Atari STe

Commodore 64 (Old shape - Boxed)
Commodore 64 (New shape - Boxed)
Commodore 128

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128+
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 2+ (Boxed)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 3+ (Boxed)

The observant will note that i have 6 examples of the systems i adore and half that number for the rest!

Oh...and a SNES which i was given the other week.
But i am NOT a console person! Still, will have to get a Mk1 Mega Drive now i guess (to balance things out)...
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