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IMHO an accelerator is less complex than a FPGA powered Framebuffer with DVI output.

In the a1k, we have half a dozen people, who can build a 68030-accelerator from scratch. But something like the Indivision AGA Mk2 (I think that is, what you meant) can only be built by one person. Jens.

Well... the others haven't tried yet, but anyway... an 68030 accelerator can be built with a few logic gates. A memory interface too, if you try.
The Indivision has a fat FPGA with 6000(?) Logic Elements. That are a few hundret thousand gates. You see the difference?

BTW: Elbox is interested in taking away both the contents of your hard drive and the contents of your wallet.
They're selling a 5€ USB-card from china with some bits flipped in the configuration ROM for more than 80€ with an illegal copy of Poseidon....
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