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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Sorry, there isn't a new version at this point. However, you might have noticed that all memory is automatically added to the system freemem pool, so one of the two main reasons for using ACAtune is already covered in the ROM of the ACA500.

The second reason would be to have Kickstart in 32-bit fastmem and activate Maprom. I don't know yet if we can solve this in the ROM of the ACA500, or if we'll make a new version of ACAtune. Space in the ROM is really tight.

Thanks for the answer, indeed I was hoping to use the Maprom feature to put my BB2 modules in the 32bit FastRam via Maprom.

No big deal as I was only really using OS3.9 for testing and my normal OS on this system would be 3.1 based anyway.
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