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Originally Posted by Mark Wright View Post
Hi everyone,

Jon Twiddly from System 17 has sent me the disks to fix after seeing a post of mine on the Amos Pro forum that I run, where I mention I once won an award from "Amiga Wow" magazine for "Least Jerky Scrolling" in an Amos Pro game. To be fair, it is the only post there at the moment so does tend to stand out a bit.

Anyway, some good news :-) and some bad news :-(

First, the good news! The game is indeed on three blue double-density "Disky" branded disks (which I understand is a good make). The bad news - as there were multiple sticky labels peeling off them, each with soaked-in stains from the use of permanent marker pens, I thought it would be a good idea to remove them using a blow-torch. Oops! D'oh! Etc!

Anyway, no major harm appears to have been done to the magnetic tape stuff inside them, so I've transplanted the brown round bits to other disk casings, carefully glueing everything back together using Bondex Stickmaster 2001 ToxiGlue. I hope I haven't put them in back to front! LOL!!!!!!!!!

Problem number 1: All three disks won't fit in my A1000's internal disk drive, no matter how hard I force them - and believe me, I've forced them!!!! (maybe there were made for a different model, like an Amiga 520 ST or something.) Never mind though, I can read them one at a time.

Problem number 2: I've examined the first disk extensively using Workbench and I'm sorry to report that it's **NOT** a DOS disk, whatever Team 3 might have you believe!! I've ticked "Show All Icons" and everything, and there's just nothing there at all. :-( Sad times... I haven't bothered trying to boot from it because if Workbench doesn't recognise it, what's the point?!

Actually, I seem to remember Mr Twiddly mentioned something about Trackdisk?!! I think that's some kind of surveillance system that keeps track of a disk's global position or something?!! Hahaha, well, if he looks for where it is now, he'll find it's in my DUSTBIN! It's completely useless. Sad but true. :-(((

Problem number 3: Mr Twiddly mentioned something about a Burst Nibbler?!! Come to think of it, the jiffy bag the disks arrived in was torn around the edges with stuff falling out. I think there might have been a mouse (or rat) in the warehouse where the disks were stored that has damaged the disks. TYPICAL!! I've tried putting glueing brown parcel tape to the disk's surface, but they still won't read. Nothing left to do.

Sorry guys, I'm completely out of ideas now :-(

I was hoping it would be a relatively straightforward case of carefully dragging the files over to a new disk before a millennium virus finally ate them - maybe that's what's happened?! One of you gurus will be able to tell from my detailed description above!! Bloody viruses, eh?

So that's that, I'm afraid. I'm going to throw them all away now because I don't want a nasty millennium virus jumping from these mouldy old disks onto my other precious disks, ruthlessly chomping its way through my cherished Amos Pro "source codes". I don't see what all the fuss is about anyway - it's only a glorified version of Manic Miner. I'm not even sure it was written in Amos Pro!?!?! LOL!!!!
Hello Mark, can we have the real text now ?

Are all the 3 disks in good shapes ? have you been able to image them as ADF ?


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