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hmm...looking through memory when the demo is loaded you can find the level names:

Tomb of King Phut..
Halls of Silence..
Lost Lavatories of Phut....
Bazaar Al Kebab..
The Wailing Tower..
Palace of Baghdad..
Kebabs 'R' Us....
Downtown Klud..
Fortress of Klud..
Upper Klud..
Lower Klud..
Mr Spleen's Ex-house....
Jungles of Squirt..
Watchtower of Squirt....
Dr Sushi's Lab of Terror..
Dr Sushi's Scarier Lab..
Dr Sushi's Dinner of Fear..
Dr Sushi's Snack of Death..
Dr Sushi's Medicine Cupboard....
The House of Fun..
Fun Land..
Ghost Train..
The Sputum Pool....
Major Smith's Escape Tunnel..
Major Smith's Decoy Tunnel..
Major Smith's Sticky End....
Gateway to the North..
The Guard Rooms..
Upper Reaches....
Night Flight..
The Tower of London..
Traitor's Gate..
The Drop....
Jumble Street..
Napalm's Pad..
Old Moon Street..
Napalm's Kitchen..
Flimbo's Rest..
The Library..
Napalm's Den..
Napalm's Pantry..
The Scret Cupboard....
Cloud Castle..
Pup Headquarters..
The Kennels....
Wizard's Frozen Garden..
Castle Of Scatterflash..
The Fortifications..
The Way to the Depths..
The Shrubbery....
The Depths of Despair..
The Sunken Brewery....
Chambers of Scatterflash..
The 27th Dimension..
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