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old amiga user, mostly just a putterrer these days

I bought an amiga 500 used back in 1990 to use at school in replacement of my Commodore 64; many paper routes and other odd jobs funded that purchase. Sadly in 1993 I got pushed into the PC world by the demands of of my college education, and other factors.

I've sent *most* of the intervening time in the world of Linux, tinkering starting around 1994, using it as my primary home system since around 1996, moving it being a centerpiece of my jobs starting around 1999. Still a Linux developer to this day.

For much of that time I kept an eye out. I bought a A1200 with an accelerator in 1996, and got it running OK but a little crashy with a 68030 accelerator and an external IDE drive.

I never really liked working with hardware that much though. It breaks and you can't trivially change it. So since around 2000 I've been more interested in the virtual amiga, primarily via UAE. My investment in it comes and goes. I still find it fascinating as a productivity platform; so many applications flowered in such a brief period. As a systems programming design it has lessons to learn. But for my actual personal computing all I really ever do on computers is run vim, write code, get email, irc, read the web, and play mod files or nowadays mp3s. Linux handles all this a bit more conveniently for me. As a demo platform and a retro gaming platform though, the Amiga is still an active interest.

Since I have a fast mac laptop from work these days, I've become a bit interested in getting a nice UAE install running on it, which brought me here.
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