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New A500 68030 accelerator from Elbox

Anyone notice this:

• 68030 processor (with MMU) clocked at 40MHz
• 16MB of fast 32-bit DRAM memory on board

• Integrated FastATA CF/SATA controller:
- Fast transfer rate of up to 16.6MB/s
- Supports PIO-0, PIO-4 and PIO-5 modes
- Two buffered and terminated EIDE ports for four devices
- AllegroCDFS filesystem included
- LBA 48 support in the onboard BootROM (support of drives over 128GB)
- Automatically configured EIDE/CF/SATA/ATAPI devices
- Can boot from FAT16 and FAT32 formatted devices

• Includes custom expansion port for local hardware add-ons
• MapROM function (uses 1MB from 16MB of the on-board DRAM)
• Compatible with trapdoor Slow memory expansions (up to 1.8 MB)
• Compatible with Chip memory expansions
• Compatible with WHDLoad software"
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