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Let's go and kill the wretched little bastards!

Every time I am in a 'computer' shop, or should I say casual gamer shop, I snigger inwardly at the saps who buy games on the strength of their graphics without even thinking about what the game will be like to PLAY. They need a good kicking to knock some sense into them!

I must confess I do have a lot of roms on my PC, largely for the reason that I sold most of my old machines. The only thing I have left is my A1200! Wish I never swapped my A500 for it though all those years ago - that was a big mistake!

But emulation on the PC has given me the chance to play these great games again. I too was suckered into the better graphics=better games idiocy! Took me long enough to see the light. As for original concept games, I am afraid the best bet is the PC at the moment. Original games just never seem to materialise on the consoles. I can't off the top of my head think of one! No doubt someone will correct me!
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