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Now got GSX750F :))
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OS 3.9; 040, fast as poss w/chip time, 2MB chip, 64MB z3 fast, 32MB video, every thing else set to give max quality, sound 100% acc, 44100, stereo.

PC h/w; XP1800 clocked@1850, Soltech SL75KAV mobo, 256MB ram, ASUS V8200 full on GF3 clocked lots.

Everything runs very smooth, appart from intuition gfx stuff according to the benchmark I've got an 800MHz 040!!! but intuition stuff is still slower than an A1200.

Runs OctaMED without problems (unless I use the h/w hacks in OctaMED) and AudioMaster works perfectly - haven't tried sampling from the parallel port with the amiga digitiser yet though.

Still waiting for an 060 and PPC Toni.... But FileMaster makes up for it
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