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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post

That's my Christmas pressie up in smoke then An ACA500 + ACA1232 40Mhz would have been a fun upgrade for my A500 to mess about with over the holidays
Don't worry - it'll fit. The 13.5cm width of the card that FOL measured is correct, but the part that he didn't measure is "how far does it plug into the A500". After plugging in, it only sticks out 10.5cm, making the whole A500 with ACA500 a total of 58cm wide. Barely fits on your desk, but it fits.

Originally Posted by duga View Post
So 516888 bytes of trapdoor mem isn't enough I guess. It should be 524288 bytes (512 x 1024)?
The "exactly" part of the conditions is referring to larger internal memory expansions, so your 0.5M expansion if absolutely fine. The only thing that doesn't work is larger expansion like 1M, 1.5M or 1.8M - these expansions cannot be "partially" turned into Chipram with the ChipMap feature.

Those 1.8M expansions have been very popular, at least in Germany. I find it important to mention compatibility with them: They work with the ACA500, but you can't turn a part (or all) of them into Chipram.

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