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Originally Posted by PMF View Post
The book is 100% the real story (the good and the bad) exactly as it happened - the article is a very abbreviated version and doesn't really talk about most of it.
I find it interesting that you didn't turn up here until it came time to cause
currency to flow from the Amiga community, indirectly to your wallet,
and have taken an interest in preventing that from happening.

A BRITISH HACKER IN AMERICA: THE STORY OF PMF & ‘OPERATION CYBERSNARE’ - THE SECRET SERVICE’S FIRST ONLINE STING Before you'd even heard of Kevin Mitnick, or even knew what a hacker was, there were faceless individuals scouring the world's early computer and telephone systems - searching for knowledge and enlightenment. PMF was one of the best. In 1995, the U.S. Secret Service ran the first online internet sting in New Jersey. It was in place to catch hackers who were breaking into large communication carriers, and the people who were exploiting the systems to their advantage. It all started when a British hacker was caught breaking into company phone switches in New Jersey. Our story starts in 1981 on the Isle of Wight, England. PMF was one of the first to pick up and use computers to his advantage – knowing more than the teachers, he promptly took over the computers - breaking into systems at his school to move cute girls into classes near to his. Systems were never damaged, just carefully put back as they were so his tracks were not found. Later in our story, as so-called “phone phreaks” were learning how to make free phone calls to the USA from the UK, PMF got to meet and exchange ideas with some of the coolest of the bunch. Once in the US, he took the group under his wing - only to be double crossed by a close friend when federal agents later arrested them. A deal was struck between the agency and PMF. He would help them catch people who were making a financial gain from exploiting the cellular phone companies, and teach the corporations the many tricks he had learned over the years which allowed him to penetrate their systems. The story concludes with the raiding of 12 locations throughout the USA, along with the arrest of at least 6 major hackers. "He was a real hacker, a master at penetrating computer networks to gather information" Bergen County, New Jersey Record
You are bringing that to a community that quite possibly does provide
meeting place for what are currently some of the greatest hackers in the
world by todays' definition.
Even the likes of these could well be ignorant to what it really took
(decades prior) to even get you off the ground.
Some of these people are still with us, and know how simple it was to be
one of the greatest hackers in the world in 1981.

It is my strong feeling, that although you could easily emulate trick boxes
with an Amiga in the day, that you would not understand some of the
fundamental principles of a phone's operation some of which can and cannot be Googled,
and it has been evidenced that you have little idea, or respect for the people
who did the work to make your exploits possible.

It is not particularly the irrelevant front cover graphics, but the description
that is off, and self-obsessed, it certainly comes over that way to myself and others.
It's a real shame if the book does contain any valid content,
but be assured that it's many order of magnitude less interesting than what was going on decades before.
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