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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
, 13.5CM (130mm).

That's my Christmas pressie up in smoke then An ACA500 + ACA1232 40Mhz would have been a fun upgrade for my A500 to mess about with over the holidays

Not sure plugging/unplugging it each time I want to use it (as when the shelf is pulled out there's plenty of space for it to sit) is a good idea though? The less insertion/removal cycles the longer the connector will last and it will become a pain in the arse eventually.

It can't swap places with my A1200 as that fits perfectly on the top of the desk with my Samsung monitor, but put the A500 on top and it overhangs 115mm from the front of the desk Now we see a reason why this needs to fit INTERNALLY

@prowler: So you're making me a new desk so it fits then? Mate, that's really generous of you, can't wait to see it
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