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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Got 11 of 12, too. I would be really interested in which question was answered wrong.

IMHO there are several questions which are subject to discussion. I probably only passed because I could imagine what the author thought but I do not agree with some of the answers.
As the author, I agree with your assessment completely. I’ve modeled the quiz to have precisely the look and feel of an A+ or MCP certification test. One hallmark of these tests are that they ask questions in a very academic “book smarts” manner and expect the test taker to answer in the same manner. This ignores the fact that the test taker might have experience well beyond what is covered in the manuals and can synthesize a much better solution than the ones presented. For example, on the Windows for Workgroups 3.11 test, there was a question about garbled printouts and the “correct” answer was “remove and reinstall the printer driver” or something. But another answer was “update the driver for the video card”
Little did the test authors know that at the time this test was relevant, both Diamond and ATI had released popular accelerated video cards that did not respond to the Windows GDI commands correctly, and screen printouts were distorted as a result. So far and away the biggest cause of print distortion in Win3.11 at that time was an outdated video driver.

Some of these questions are similar. The best example might be one about connecting to a VGA monitor. Most of us would simply attach a modern flat panel display and allow the built in circuitry to upscale the image, or we’d add an internal or external scan doubler, but the question presented is worded in that frustrating exam way that makes you think “I would personally at least give answer Y a try first, but I know the test wants me to answer with X.”
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