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Well this was unexpected! Who has the source now then?

Dear Amiga fans of Putty Squad

Further to our previous statement about Putty Squad for the Amiga, we’re pleased to bring you an update on where we are with the project.

We have provided the source code and mastering files to members of the Amiga community who are hard at work on them.

The objective is to produce an ADF file which will be available to download from our website this side of Christmas to to allow the game to be played on the Amiga 1200 or on Amiga emulators. We intend to allow the game to be written to a floppy disk so that people who still have a traditional old Amiga with floppy disk will also be able to enjoy the game.

We are doing everything that we can to make this happen but as you can appreciate it is not entirely in our control how quickly this is achieved. However, please be assured that our objective is to give the game back to the Amiga community, for free, as soon as possible.


John Twiddy
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