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Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
Amilo / Tony

I have been loking at this thread on & off with interest but not sure of the end goal. Is it to try ensure that WinUae 2.7.0 is bale to run all of the problematical demos that you have identified Amilothereby improving overall WinUAE compatibility?
Just see below an excerpt from WinUAE 2.7.0 news ->

- Chipset emulation compatibility improved, more undocumented chipset corner cases emulated.
- CIA TOD counting is now cycle-exact.

Till now have been tested over 7500 OCS/ECS demos/intros in last 2 and half months ... and yes, it is really a huge number ... and the goal is close but it doesnt depends only on me if it will be ever finished/reached.

Note: The main goal was not just to make some of non-interesting/boring demos to work in WinUAE, than to locate a possible errors an thus improve the amiga emulation in a way -> first to compare a possible problem in emu with a real amiga to be sure whether a problem exist.

p.s. In a case you want to see an improvement between WinUAE 2.6.1 and newest 2.7.0 just try to test the following demo in both versions (with Cycle-Exact = ON):

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