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Time to reveal the last feature of the ACA500 which wasn't published before. Drumroll...

The ChipMap feature

ChipMap can map trapdoor memory as Chipram without having to open the computer, solder on jumpers etc. The following preconditions must apply:

- ECS Agnus must be installed
- exactly 512k trapdoor mem must be present (not more, not less)
- exactly 512k chipram must be present

If these conditions apply, the ACA500's minimal MMU can turn the computer into a 1MByte Chipram computer, completely without opening the machine. Most Rev.6 and higher boards have that config, so it'll improve WHDload compatibility even more.

I will publish this firmware later this weekend. It will show if the feature is available, and let you select the chipmem size with a menu item in the expert menu.

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