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Yeah this looks absolutely GORGEOUS but I have found myself not liking to use big ones like these. I used to have a Megastar which probably is about the size of this one, proper arcade-like controls... I couldn't hold it in my hand and using it on the table just didn't work. I also tried the lap method, wasn't feeling it either (also tried it with a Sega Arcade Stick)

It works on an arcade setup, where you are standing or sitting and your huge screen is located just right and, more importantly, the controls are fixed to a huge furniture that doesn't move around with your movements, but on a normal computer desktop setup it's a bit odd.

Then again, if anybody feels fine with that, this looks like a fantastic arcade-grade joystick!!!
Hopefully this goes well for you guys and you consider making a "micro"handheld version of this fantastic looking joystick.
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