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Post 9-year vacuum

What I actually meant with this thread is that I find it remarkable that games that were fondly remembered in gamesmagazines 9-12 years ago still are regarded as classics by the current bunch of mags. I mean, even the retro-articles are the same!

Here is a perfect example: Edge July 1994 (which covered the worldwide premiere of Sony's Playstation in Japan) featured two retro articles: First was a look at Irem's R-Type 1 that appeared on homecomputers in 1988. The second article was a look at Geoff Crammond's Stunt Car Racer on Amiga and wishes of how good it would be on next-gen machines.
Nine years and thousands of games later magazines like Games TM look back to the past with articles about these very games. It reads like the past nine years are a vacuum with no significant progress/innovation that has happened.

Where are the retro-articles about 'significant' titles like Quake (7 years old), Half Life and MDK?
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