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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Well exactly. Paula can be controlled by the Copper anyway so in principle a copperlist could play a tracker mod. But this isn't very profound. To say that SID is not a synth because it needs something external to tell it to play a note, is like saying my music keyboard downstairs is not a synth because it doesn't play any sound unless I press a key.

The point is, SID can produce sound on its own without any further input. You could rig up a simple manual control system to it, with a few switches and dials and some basic logic. It has its own internal ability to generate waveforms.

Paula needs to get its waveform data from memory via DMA, in the form of samples, either recorded or synthesized by an external CPU.
I disagree - both need to be programmed in this or different way - without some data they are silent, Paula can play square wave (1 word - 2 sample buffer) almost without acess to RAM.
So going strict (as i understand You) on requirement - SID/Paula are not synth - synth can be only that produce sound without programming - for example analog generator (VCO, XTAL, astable RC, Wien bridge, etc) or digital generator (ring oscillator etc).

Btw - how you locate product like Access Virus? Is this is a synthesizer or not?
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