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Competition Pro joysticks are the most cherished Amiga joysticks I know of. Like the TAC-2 for the C64. They were great joysticks, but I preffer other stuff as well.. Quickshots were indeed great, except the very first ones which used a feeble contact method, and broke easily (a thin metal plaque above the contacts that broke easily. I wrecked many of those)

The hype around the TAC-2 around Commodore 64 circles made me go out and buy one, and et me tell you I could not regret such a move. One of the finest joysticks EVER made. It's built to last forever. It's got a great response. It's got the mandatory arcade-like 'ballstick'... In one word, excellent

Muzkat, I like the Topstar a lot. My second 'most-wanted' joystick after the Megastar. Since I got a Megastar already, I should go out and try to find a Topstar
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