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If IT Certification is about creating a baseline of assumed knowledge, for when you have to interact with possibly unkown people in and between large organisations, then I don't see how this is relevant to Amiga these days and even less how being certified on Amiga, (somehow?), would help you in any current IT field. Of course I agree that you learn a lot about general computing concepts by setting up and using Amigas, but an obscure qualification adds nothing to this imho. The know how is what you get for your 1000s of hours, relevant parts automatically help you if you are an IT pro.

The Amiga platform is too small and mostly hobbyist. You don't need certification for stuff you do in your spare time. I'd be surprised if there were more than a couple of hundred people who are computing professionals working primarily on Amiga, and I bet they all know each other.

If you're into using Amigas, you don't look for any kind of official tech support, excepting the few new products, even then you will deal with a specific person like Jens rather than some random certified employee. You come to a forum like this where anyone who has encountered and solved your problem will be happy to help and you don't need to see Toni Wilens certificate to trust his competence on winUAE matters.
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