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I hear you. And I think most of us are at a stage in our life that we don’t need IT certifications. And we really don’t need one to prove our Amiga prowess.

But you could argue that we didn’t need to hook our Amigas up to HDMI displays, or bridge our SCSI controllers to an SD card. We do it because it’s a part of the Amiga experience and because we want to do it.

This is along that same vein.

Amiga is an alternate computer world that never quite caught on, but it’s our own world and we get to make of it what we want. That’s what is appealing about this certification idea. We don’t need the rest of the corporate world to bless this idea any more than we needed them to bless us when we wanted to add USB, discover a chemical way of reversing UV discoloration, or make 16-color displays appear to look like 256 color displays.
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