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But are the skills acquired on Amiga really relevant to some company requiring a person with MCP/MCSA/MCSE? The basics are the same, sure, but on the MCSE level? I don't think so.
I'm more of a linux person than a Windows one, but I got a MCP certification for a simple reason: the company I worked at some time ago required a certain amount of people with Microsoft certificates so they could get some kind of Microsoft Partner status, and that's why I got certified. Didn't matter much to the company that I know most of internet protocols inside and out (you get that by being a Slackware user ), or even less that I know my way around AmigaOS. They wanted MCP. Likewise for a ISP company or the like: they will probably require a CCNA certificate.

And we have to be realistic: although we love our Amigas, the average Joe probably never heard of it, much less to understand the applicability of the acquired knowledge of an Amiga user.
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