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Originally Posted by chaos View Post
One question: what would be the purpose of this certification? Plus, I think most users of Amigas today deserve a certificate for - if nothing else - stubbornness
Effectively the same purposes one would use an A+ or MCSE/MCSA – business cards, resumes, LinkedIn, covering a hole in the wall (thanks TCD!), etc.

Anticipating the logical next question: Why not get a universally recognized CNE or MCSE or something?

Retro computing enthusiasts have somehow – perhaps it just is through sheer stubbornness - managed to keep the platform just viable enough that it’s still a world-class way to learn the basics of networking, computer maintenance, programming, OS configuration, and so on. It seems wasteful and perhaps even a little monopolistic that we have to reply on Microsoft or Cisco or somebody to allow us to be considered networking or OS specialists, particularly since that MCSE you earned for Windows 3.11 or that CNE you earned for Netware is probably less relevant that what we are doing on Amiga today.

Originally Posted by TCD View Post
A 'certificate' is usually handed out by the cooperation that produces the hard/software. It's a bit hard to imagine that one of the current Amiga companies will start doing that...

A community driven certificate might not be really helpful in real life, but if anyone fancies to cover an empty spot on the wall it might come in handy
I agree that there is no Amiga to govern this sort of thing, but that does not stop CompTIA from running the A+ program, which is the baseline certification for computer skills. I've seen enough A+ students at InterConnection to know that we occupy a completely different strata. In real life, we are the people that these folks come to when they can’t figure something out.

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