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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
Every pc soundcard resample to 44,1kHz (or higher but fixed)? I only know that in the past (`90) they were so stupid to have only one fixed frequency. Thought todays cards support variable (e.g. 11kHz to 96kHz) frequencies.all it a synths too because its is sample based with sound manipulation.
It depends but probably no -they are fixed frequency so they expect to have audio sampled with particular frequency and they support other sample rates trough some sample rate conversion (or performed by HW or by CPU - AFAIK for example Vista and higher Windows versions not use sound HW at all - all tasks are CPU based)

Originally Posted by daxb View Post
I wouldn`t call an Amiga is something like an synthesizer. - i would say that Amiga is comparable to Fairlight CMI and Fairlight CMI is named "digital sampling synthesizer"
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