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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
No I mean that Paula decrements its internal counter at 3,579,546 Hz.
Nope, Paula decrement SysCLK/8 and SysCLK can be provided different than original i.e. different than 28.37516 MHz for "PAL" or than 28.63636MHz for "NTSC".

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Yes you can modulate, but not by an analogue waveform, only by tables of period/volume data. There are no built in waveforms.

6581 has built-in wave forms. Amiga does not have any built-in wave forms. Amiga cannot produce ANY SOUND unless some non-zero data is present in chip RAM.
I think you are confused by analogue, waveform and built-in - 6581 is hardcoded HW design where HW in Amiga is "less" hardcoded.
6581 is digital chip (NCO, hard coded wavetable) with analog filter and digital ring modulator.

More about 6581 internals

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