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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
We're splitting hairs here, it's only a word game to argue about whether it's a "sample" or not if the data has been procedurally generated rather than recorded. Anyway what if it was synthesised on another computer and sampled onto the Amiga? I can see no point in this line of argument.
You can form complex sound by Amiga HW without CPU load (almost) complex as complex can be AM/FM modulation of sample by sample...

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
The Amiga's sound generation is purely digital up until the DAC. It is not possible to generate any analogue wave. That's all that matters. Of course, square waves are easy.
Same as for example on 6581 which is not analog but digital sync build around NCO concept. 6581 have only digitally controlled analog filter but you can add this to Amiga too.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
But I gather some emulators and mod players "interpolate" the samples, reducing aliasing and giving what is in theory a higher-quality sound, but losing something in the translation.

In addition, Paula doesn't run at the 44.1kHz that a modern sound card resamples everything to, so there is bound to be a difference. Perhaps this is noticeable?
So most of the soundcards use 48ksps instead 44.1ksps - and Paula can run with such speed but it need to be externally clocked (28.224MHz) and in fast mode (ie H sync faster than in normal TV mode) - AUDxPER $50.

Oer perhaps you are lucky one and your Amiga will work with SysCLK 43.7472MHz

And resampling is not as bad as audiophile people says...

I forgot to add that You can keep perfect shape of original signal only you need to use in your resampler.
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