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Originally Posted by Loedown View Post
Again this is another technique but ultimately Paula plays nothing but samples and what you describe here is front end or add on which can be implemented on the Amiga. Clever programming can achieve many things but ultimately it's just a sample player.
once i must disagree - going this way we can say that CD disc is nothing else than sampler as sample buffer is played trough DAC.
Even analog modeling synth are using buffer to construct sample which is turned to electric current by some DAC.

Amiga have RAM as sample buffer and it can be freely manipulated thus it provide required amount of flexibility to be something else than plain sampler.
It is only limitation of programmer how to use simple hardware - yes, Amiga audio HW have no other HW algorithm implemented than AM and FM modulation and low pass filter that can be switched OFF/ON.
But still in my opinion it going over simple sampler definition (as typical simple sampler will not provide FM functionality).

is 1 bit is enough?
[ Show youtube player ]
I think that Future Composer is not sampler focused tracker...
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

Simply most of Amiga music software was sampler focused as sample based techniques was not available so widely before Amiga.

How to classify this way of sound generation:
sample due of HW or not? [ Show youtube player ]
4Kb seem that there is no space for audio samples... but HW is even more dumb than Amiga (SRC is performed mostly by CPU on PC world)

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