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Originally Posted by Piramania View Post
Somewhere I read that the first batch of ACA-1220 need some kind of hardware fix i order to work with the ACA-500. Does anyone (Jens?) know if this is (still) the case?
The new logic for the ACA1220 is available since september 5th. by then, I contacted resellers to send their stock for an update. Only Vesalia sent their stock for this update, others either didn't reply, or replied that they don't have stock.

If you card was bought before september 5th, it *will* require the update. If it was bought sometime later in september, it *may* require the update, and it's pretty safe to say that if you've bought your card in october 2013 or later, it doesn't require an update.

The update is free if you buy the ACA500 directly from me. Contact me through the web form on in that case.

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