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Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
68EC000 is a type of 68000, extra detail simply omitted?
One little detail is omitted, and that's the E-Clock syncronization which is required for talking to the CIA chips. This feature has also been removed for all 68020 and higher processors, so it's already common knowledge how to add it into the accelerator for the Amiga. Nothing to worry about - if I would not implement this properly, the unit wouldn't start at all :-).

The 68EC000 is 100% software compatible with the NMOS version of the 68000 down to the last cycle. I'd say it's OK to refer to it as 68000, as it's only the silicon level that's different; the behaviour - even on the memory bus - is identical with the chip that has powered our A500's all these years.

Originally Posted by Bamiga2002 View Post
I was referring the card has 68000 only, not 68010.
...which is correct, because the exact type number MC68EC000FN10 has nothing to do with the 68010. It's a 10MHz CMOS version of the CPU, which is overclocked to 14MHz. The overclocking is clearly shown in the Vesalia description, because I asked them to do so. I prefer to be honest, I don't want anyone complaining about "hey, my CPU is overclocked!".

Originally Posted by Bamiga2002 View Post
Must try sticking my BPPC in the slot !
Save your time. None of the Blizzard designs with 68040 or higher works on the 16-bit interface of the ACA500.

Originally Posted by Bamiga2002 View Post
V:"2 MB or 4 MB of physical RAM"
A: 2 MB only
I've made the mistake of announcing the 4MB version for an added 40,- EUR. I can't make it for that price, so I decided to skip on the 4MB version. There's only one version, and that has 2MBytes physical memory. The latest verion of WHDload has some elaborate method of allocating memory, so more games work with pre-load, despite some memory fragmentation. The current Vesalia description reflects this change.

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