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Originally Posted by xArtx View Post
So C might not be your language, but the math would be familiar, if what you are talking about.
Filling the audio buffer at run time using 68000, and sending the buffer to Paula.
or computing the wave only once, and managing Agnus in a manner that repeatedly sends the buffer.
Buffers are used in systems where an audio stream must be built and written to memory before being output in a stream by the audio device at a fixed rate. Buffering must be done so that the software building the stream can stay ahead of the actual sound output.

That isn't usually how it's done on the Amiga.

Instead, memory holds multiple waveforms, four of which can be output by Paula simultaneously, each at a different rate and volume level.

No buffering of the audio stream is necessary because Paula automatically mixes all four waveforms into two stereo outputs.
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