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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Anyway, it confirms what I had always thought: The only thing that's special about Amiga audio is that it was available so early in the modern computer era.

You should hear 14 bit 44 khz audio (calibrated, NO AHI) from a clean source. Pretty mad. Could be better if the calibration software didn't insist on calibrating all four channels at the same time.
It was special even 8 years after Amiga release... at least on PC site - it was general principle or squeaky beeps or fancy but expensive audio - Amiga was first and for very long time unique PC that offer to each customer sample audio as standard without bothering to much CPU.

For calibration - use PC with spectrum analyzer - it should be much easier and personally i think that 8 bit with approx 56ksps correctly noiseshaped+dithered audio can be better in quality.
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