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Thanks everyone, I am glad you all enjoy it! I was unsure about the news piece as it was a little more like a personal opinion piece than news. Anyways, I forgot to mention there is a big movement here in Aus to save the original NBN so here is hoping the government listens (although this one seems quite deaf... )

Originally Posted by quahappy View Post
The inclusion of original adverts is a nice touch too although the one for Bill's Tomato Game brought a tear to my eye being from the now defunct Psynosis company lol.
Yeah, its a shame that Sony finally broke Psygnosis up (under the name of Team Liverpool in more recent years for those that did not know). WipeOut on PS1 was the reason I gave in and bought a Play Station!

Something I found interesting when writing issue 1, the Wiz n Liz advert from Psygnosis I used is actually from the box art and not an advert, and when I looked at the back scan of the box at the bottom it Actually has the Sony logo, with "A member of the Sony group of companies" under it. This is back in '93, so Sony had already bought them back then which I had not realised at the time as we didn't have the internet reporting every single little bit of information back then like we do now

Of course a quick look at Wikipedia would have told me that... but I found it interesting anyways.
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