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Latest status:[list=1][*]9x A500/500+ (one'll have a HD soon)[*]1x A1200 030/16mb[*]1x A1200 8mb (ram board isn't working ATM)[*]1x A1200 PPC/040/64mb/bvision[*]2x A600 (and a third one with a dead mobo)[*]5x A500 mobo only. Some work, some unknown.[*]1x Sega Master System[*]1x Sega Mega Drive 2[*]1x Sega Game Gear[*]1x c64[*]1x c64g[*]2x c64c [*]1x ZX Scpectrum[*]1x Atari800xl [*]1x Amstrad CPC464[*]1x Pirated NES clone ( no carts/ DON'T want them )[/list=1]
None of the C64s, and Atari800xl has a psu. CPC464 is likely dead as well. Rest work perfectly. And I don't count pc junk -||;=)

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