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Putty Squad is reborn on PS4 this week

Sadly, the 16 bit era on home computers came to an end very quickly, just as we were finishing Putty Squad. We even had demos on cover mounted disks, with gamers playing over and over, setting high scores and sharing their stories of Putty’s adventures with their friends. What came next was a crushing blow – retailers weren’t taking Amiga games anymore, and we had this brilliant game ready to go. And so, it remained, locked away for decades.
We reworked everything from the original Amiga data files, redrawing sprites, re-working level backgrounds, balancing gameplay, and adding in new features not present in the original, such as challenge mode.
The most exciting development was still to come. We still had the original Super Putty data, and what better way to celebrate the arrival of the eighth generation than by giving away every graphical level of Super Putty for free as part of the Putty Squad season pass with day one pre-orders for PlayStation 4 at GAME stores in the UK.
So they locked away the original Amiga version and never publicly released it because, mmmhhh... reasons?
More salt in the wounds, at this point I firmly believe they're just trolling us...
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