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Originally posted by Miggy2TheMax
*snip* The real users of amiga know its more than just another "computer", the machine played a real component in developing their computing lives, it was probably the first computer they grew up with.. *snip* The real users will always find room for the amiga on their desk! That is why "There is nothing like the real thing!"
This happens to be just my case.. The problem now is that my room/apartment is too small to hold more deskspace, so guess i'll have to find a bigger one

And the amiga was actually 2nd or 3rd computer I grew up with (depends how you count it) the first 2 places must go to VIC-20 and C-64

The VIC-20 was a christmas gift from my parents, which bought it by accident 'coz I really wanted a C-64 at that time.. After a year or so of constant reminding them of their mistake, I received my first C-64 yay!!
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